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Nursing Home Asset Preservation strategies are numerous and complex, and trying to find accurate answers you can trust can feel overwhelming. Not knowing one’s options can create fear and anxiety. Our attorneys are frequently asked to present for various organizations, senior groups, hospitals, libraries, and churches, and through these presentations and our work, we have discovered the vast need that exists for accurate, detailed information on how families can protect assets for their loved ones while still qualifying for benefits and receiving nursing home care. After our firm moved to our new office in 2020, we decided to help tackle this problem by hosting free workshops on Nursing Home Asset Preservation Strategies twice every month; however, even with two workshops a month, these workshops fill up fast so do not hesitate to sign up if you are interested. We typically allocate some spots for individuals dealing with pressing needs related to nursing home care and some spots for those on our waitlist.

These workshops are strictly educational, and we do not try to sign anyone up for services, either during the workshop or afterwards. Our office features a 1,500-square-foot room with eight separate tables that is perfect for hosting these workshops. The large space allows attendees to spread out, and in most cases, we try to allow each family to have their own table for the event.

There are many ways for families to protect assets when receiving nursing home care, and we understand the importance of families knowing their options. At these workshops, we will explain the basic rules and strategies available to families. We will discuss what options are available to families who already have a loved one in a nursing home, and we’ll address what options and strategies are available to people who do not need to enter a nursing home yet, but who are worried that they may have to in the future.  After we explain the rules and strategies available, we’ll walk through examples of how we have assisted other families. While every case is unique, we can often help families protect up to 100% of the value of assets for a healthy spouse.  In cases where we are helping to protect assets for children or other loved ones, we can often protect around 50-70% of the value of assets.

These workshops are presented by Certified Elder Law Attorney Tim Barna.  After each workshop, Tim also leaves some time to answer questions that anyone attending may have.

Contact our office at 570-559-5658 or contact us via email to learn more about these free workshops and to find out the next available dates.

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