Estate Planning Puts You In Control

Empowering Clients To Make Informed Decisions Through Estate Planning

Contemplating the future can be daunting. There are so many unknowns. By preparing and planning ahead, you won’t feel so powerless. You will be in a solid position to address whatever curveballs, changes, or challenges come your way.

At Barna Law, we empower our clients to take control of their future in the present. Our estate planning attorneys in Honesdale have many decades of experience. We can help you make decisions that you feel good about so you can rest assured that you and your heirs are secure and well-protected.

Common Estate Planning Tools

While every estate plan is different, they include many of the same basic tools that can be adapted to each situation. Those tools include:

There are many nuances to each of these tools. We excel at leveraging the right tools, carefully tailored to our clients’ situation, to create a cohesive estate plan that accomplishes all of their objectives. We also handle estate administration.

Skilled In Handling Straightforward And Complex Estates

Because we have attorneys who focus their practice solely on estate planning and related areas of law, we are well-positioned to address highly complex estates. We also handle straightforward estate plans. We believe that everyone deserves a thoughtful estate plan, and we take a customized approach specific to each client, whether complex or straightforward.

Not all estate planning documents are equal. While it is important to have a Will or a Power of Attorney, the specific language within these documents is critically important. A Power of Attorney that does not authorize an Agent to engage in nursing-home-asset-preservation strategies may result in only limited funds being able to be protected in the event the person eventually needs to enter a nursing home. Merely having stock versions of these documents may not provide you with the same protection as having estate planning documents crafted by attorneys who are solely focused on estate and asset preservation planning.

Protect Yourself And Your Future Through An Estate Plan

You can’t control the future, but you can protect yourself by managing what is under your control now to prepare for life’s unknowns. We can help. Call 570-559-5658 or contact our team online to get started.

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